Dropshipping is an easy way to build an online business. It is a business model in which the retailer offers goods of another retailer, wholesaler or manufacturer. In this way, the retailer does not have to keep his own warehouse or stock,  but can send his purchase orders directly to his supplier to deliver them to his customers. Therefore, this model cuts extra expenses and allows for wider options of expansion. 


We are energy for your E-shop. Take advantage of all the benefits of dropshipping without restrictions of card payments.

Due to its guaranty foundation, the innovative payment gateway VIKIPID offers payment services without restrictions even for the Dropshipping e-shops. Many payment gateways are not willing to provide payment services to e-shops that use the Dropshipping model. If after activation they find out you are using the Dropshipping solution, they can restrict or even prohibit you from using their services.